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Membership Help
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To Buy a Membership you must logon or Join Ellon Rugby

A parent must create their own account, a child can then be added to their account. Once a child is over 14, they can then create their own account. A parents account can still be linked to the childs account so you will still get notifications.

Once a member, the membership can be purchased in the club shop

If you are already a member, when buying membership, please check all details are correct.

What Membership do I purchase?
-A family membership is ideal for 2 or more players with parent as social members
-A Mini / Maxi membership for child from age 4 to P3
-A Junior membership for children in P4 to P7
-A Youth membership for children in U13 to U18
-A Bears membership for Golden Oldies "players"

Buying Membership for a Child
-If the child is already in the system, this is straight forward
-Select Membership product to purchase
-Search Members then select member to add

Adding a new Child Member
-Click on the picture icon in the top right
-From the list, select Your Account
-Click on Apply for Roles (or Manage Roles)
-Click on Parent
-Click on Add a Child and search
-If they don't appear, you then have the option to add one by clicking on the blue Click Here
-Fill out name and team
-This may require approval from an admin before the appear. Once approved you will be notified

Buying Membership for you partner
-If they are already in the system
-Select Membership product to purchase (Family or Social)
-Search Members then select member to add
-If they are not?
-Get them to register an account or contact admin to add manually.

For further help please contact

You can still buy a membership without adding you child or partner, this can be added later by an admin.